"If I were forced to describe myself using just several words, it would be cute, funny, charming, talented and attractive. But I can also sometimes be handsome, witty and clever, which is all great, I guess, if you like that sort of thing."
- Ryan Covington

So, am I doing it right? Hand to God, until very recently, I had never been on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or any social media a day in my life, but if I understand it correctly, isn't this basically what people are saying? "Look at me, I'm amazing!"?

Well, it's disgusting and I hate it.


If you don't mind, please look at all these photos of me doing amazing stuff and read everything I have to say about doing them.

Thank you.

Me for Info Button Square

Why are there photos of ME on here, you ask?

1. That's a very good question.

2. The LONG VERSION is that, for me, sometimes the adventure required to obtain them is just as important and interesting as the photographs themselves. I feel the same way about my sobriety -- that the result was impossible without the journey. Photography is no different, and occasionally the fun, difficulty, or importance of the journey ends up eclipsing the original goal. Read more on that HERE.

3. The SHORT VERSION is that prior to my extremely recent decision to finally join social media, I just didn’t have anywhere else to put these. Seriously.

I am not always very active in the sober community, but my photography (and sobriety) has taken me on a lot of interesting and spectacular journeys. So, I figured that the least I could do is share those experiences. Many activities I rate on a SOBER FUN SCALE from 1-10, and I explain why I think they are or are not good bets for a person living in sobriety today. They are sprinkled around my website, and like all my photo stories, you can decide if reading them is right for you.
It is very possible you will find that you like me much better as a photographer than you do a person, in which case, please ignore my stories and just go back to enjoying my pretty pictures.