Say Cheese
They Shoot Lions, Don't They?
Machu Picchu Macchu Pichu Maccu Picchu
Sandals are for SAND! Duh!
Penisberg: Global Warming Sucks and This Iceberg Was Being a Dick
Faces for Face Bills!
OMG, How High Are We?
Elephant March
Can't See The Fabric For The Trees
Say Cheese!
Sandals Are For Sand - Duh!
Irrational Geographic
Ice Jellyfish
Don't Look So Surprised
A Hackneyed Egyptian Sunset
Hassan II Mosque Interior
Hilltop Silhouette (without incident)
Badass Colorful Stone God
Hari Potter Lights Things On Fire With Friends
Charmed, I'm Sure
A Beautiful Hassle
Little Girl in Yellow Dress Dances for Tihar
African Cheetah, Au Naturale
The Unexpected Comedy Stylings of... These Guys?


I travel the world and the metroplex photographing lifestyles and landscapes both large and small. From the wilds of Africa to the unexplored possibilities of our own backyards, I find beauty and inspiration in all that Mother Nature has to offer.
- Ryan Covington
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You can CLICK ON PHOTOS to learn more about them. However, be warned.

It is very possible you will find that you like me much better as a photographer than you do a person, in which case, please ignore my stories and just go back to enjoying my pretty pictures.

Sometimes the adventure required to obtain them is just as important and interesting as the photographs themselves. I feel the same way about my sobriety, actually -- that the result was impossible without the journey.

But I also recognize the journey, and my meandering, inappropriate stories, might not be for everyone.

And that's okay.