If you want higher art, please go look at my PHOTOGRAPHY.

If you're ready I guess? Dance but while also crying? Then you've come to the right place.

My first semester at USC coincided with a new version of Garage Band and a new dealer, so this is what I did instead of going to class:

Too Easy

Walk Out On Me

Shot Down

I Put A Spell On You (ft. Liz Mikel)

Stop Wasting My Time

Shopping For Love

Every Other Day (feat. Matt Louzau)


Easy On The Eyes

Transitioning (You're Dead To Me)

The Ancients (ft. Laura Louzau)

Theme to The Beautiful People

Bula's Journey (from Bula's Fortune)

An Epic Song for My Mom

Conversations (from The Beautiful People)

Exposition (from The Beautiful People)

Transition (from The Beautiful People)

Reprise (from The Beautiful People)

Bula's Search (from Bula's Fortune)

Bula's Discovery (from Bula's Fortune)

Bula's Journey Reprise (from Bula's Fortune)