No More High Horse

Telluride, Colorado

This is an excerpt from a larger list, where I give various activities a Sober Fun rating of 1-10. Entries from this list are scattered throughout my website, or you can find that complete list HERE.



As with sooooooooo many activities, things you would usually stretch into overlong, all-day events when you were drinking or getting high, you will find need to be radically decreased now that you're sober. Trot me around on a horse for a couple hours, four max, and let's be done by lunch. No need to drag this out into the afternoon as well. If you ride as infrequently as I do, your ass won't be able to take much more than four hours anyways, which will become painfully apparent, especially when you aren't drinking.

Also, in the desert you are going to get extremely hot and sunburnt, and if it's a snowy mountain ride, you're going to get super cold; especially without that whiskey to warm you up!

I give this a Sober Fun rating of 5.


Here's a few photos of me with the horses that live on our street. After I fed them the one carrot my mom told me to bring, there wasn't much left to do, so I left and went home.