As I photograph all different types of nature, both wild and domestic, and myriad cultures, both at home and abroad, I am reminded that when something is truly beautiful, its beauty can transcend the generational and geographic barriers of time and space and surpass all our societal differences.
- Ryan Covington

No, I don't have a side hustle writing fortune cookie messages. That's probably the most poignant thing I’ve ever written, so thank you, you're welcome, and goodnight! Tip your waitress, and if you stick around, I assure you it's all downhill from here.

My World Photography ranges from juvenile things that I would have hung up as posters when I was a kid, to things I frame and hang in my house today to give a room a sense of worldliness, exoticism, and cohesion (read as: pretension).

And then, at my very best, I attempt portraits of people and places that hopefully provoke thoughts and conversations about the fundamental issues of our human condition, mortality, and the world at large. I know. Deep, right? These fortune cookies are quite heavy!

But in all seriousness, just as I believe the magical gardens of my RESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY often possess the ability to transport you to another place and time, likewise, I feel that the mystical, faraway places featured in my World Photography frequently hold truths that are surprisingly modern and universal.


If my photos really are fortune cookies, then CLICKING ON THEM will reveal the hidden articles within, and allow you to realize the truth: that they are actually only 10% cookie but about 90% fortune!

These photos cookies are so pregnant with my bizarre blobs of wisdom that they are all but bursting at the seams; but beware, unless you want to read about drugs, alcohol, adventure sports, interior decorating, Gay Jail, and all my other addictions, both good and bad, best to keep away.

However, just like a fortune cookie, don't be fooled by a bland wrapper; sometimes a tasteless photo can belie a delicious sliver of insight.

There's also the possibility that, like me, it's just full of more pretentious bullshit. What can I say? It's a gamble, really.

People often ask me, in all the world, what is your absolute favorite travel destination, your favorite place to photograph? And the answer is quite easy, and it's forever the same: my favorite destination is always wherever I'm planning to go to NEXT.

"When you live each day hoping to capture the unexpected, then you are rarely let down."
- Ryan Covington
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You can CLICK ON PHOTOS to learn more about them. However, be warned.

It is very possible you will find that you like me much better as a photographer than you do a person, in which case, please ignore my stories and just go back to enjoying my pretty pictures.

Sometimes the adventure required to obtain them is just as important and interesting as the photographs themselves. I feel the same way about my sobriety, actually -- that the result was impossible without the journey.

But I also recognize the journey, and my meandering, inappropriate stories, might not be for everyone.

And that's okay.