WTW Portrait #30

Ten Sleep, Wyoming

I lived in rural Wyoming for several months while shooting "Wanda the Wonderful." We stayed on a homestead in a town called Ten Sleep, and it is easily the most remote and rustic location that I have ever called home. In hindsight, it was good preparation for traveling to remote places overseas -- sort of like trying out rustic living with training wheels on, and the benefit of still being able to speak in English. We did quaint things like hanging our wet laundry out on clothes lines to dry, as well as messing with horses, cows, and chickens on a daily basis. It was all very bucolic, but also a very good lesson in patience. Doing all of these things in all of these poetic and old fashioned ways meant that every single activity or chore became exponentially more difficult, and took about ten times longer to complete than normal. The experience oscillated back and forth between educationally amusing and frustratingly tedious.