Harry Potter Lights Things on Fire with Friends

Kathmandu, Nepal

I can't get over how different these kids' lives must be from my own childhood. I don't think my mom trusted me to light a candle in the house until I was at least twenty-five, and even then I think it was because I told her I had a college degree. I wonder if that's one of the selling points they use to recruit young monks? They tell them-- you won't have to live with your parents anymore, you don't have to wash your hair, and you get to hang out in your house robe all day and light fires.

What kid wouldn't say yes to that?!

Still not convinced, Older Kid With The "Z" On His Forehead? Fine. Even though Buddhist monks are supposed to renounce all worldly possessions, just for you, we will throw in an enormous wrist clock.

Do we have a deal?

I eventually realized I had more in common with these young monks than I first thought, read about that HERE!