Junk Drawer

These are my things. Just because I don't know what to do with them doesn’t mean I don't still love them.
- Ryan Covington
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Since this is my Junk Drawer collection, I'm gonna give this quote to my loving father:

"You can beat a dead horse, but you can’t make him drink."
- Joe Covington (my dad)

Rather than just admit that he’d hastily shoved two things together that didn’t really belong, my dad then spent the next 5 minutes trying to defend his haphazard creation, claiming that this is what he had intended to say, and explaining its deeper meaning and hidden truths.

(You can read more of my dad's gems HERE)

When you haphazardly jumble disparate things together, you can occasionally end up with a happy accident, something that’s beautiful, new and true; but I assure you, this Junk Drawer really is just a collection of photos that didn’t fit into any other categories. Now they’re all here together. Any relationship you might think you are detecting between them is purely coincidental.

Since every photo in this Junk Drawer is so very different from the next —not only in execution and purpose, but also its very reason for existing in the first place— there’s no telling what I’ve written behind each one. So, as always, enter at your own risk.

You’ve been warned!