Monkey of Mayhem! The Mr. Potato Head Killer of Bwindi

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

I thought this little baby chimp was so cute. That is, until he turned, and I realized he was capable not only of murdering humans and stealing their ears, but that he wears them Mr. Potato Head style, like a trophy. The sick bastard!

After that, I had trouble sleeping.

Possible Tag Lines:

"Sleep with One Ear Open."

"Potatoes Have Eyes. Now They Want Ears."

"Murder Monkey: The Fun Starts EAR"

{I can't stop writing these}

"You Say Potato, I Say MURDER"

[it's like I want to stop, but I can't...}

"It's a Dangerous Game; And He's Playing It By EAR!"

In the Jungle, No One Can Ear You Scream"

{I could stop if I really wanted to...}

"The Monkey Collector: Lend Him Your Ear"

"Beg for Mercy. He's All Ears!"

{I'll just type one more. It's been a rough day...]

"Sometimes DEAF is Better."

"Things are About to Get a Little Eary."

{I'll stop when I'm good and ready!!}

"Ear's Jonny!"

{I need help.}



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